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LA Towns & Culture

With the beautiful Ouachita River winding through the middle of the city, an array of entertainment, countless activities and shopping opportunities, affordable housing, and a family-oriented feel, there’s a lot to love about West Monroe, Louisiana.

Whether you’re interested in art and culture, outdoor recreational activities, restaurant-hopping, golf, or nightlife, there is something for everyone in West Monroe. Southern charm and hospitality, a growing economy, and friendly neighbors are among the amenities that will win you over.


West Monroe’s nightlight offers a diversity of options for a night-on-the-town experience, including delicious restaurants, live music and pubs. It’s easy to find a laid back atmosphere, as well as upscale venues. Music is a big deal in West Monroe, and many local restaurants stand in as venues for singer-songwriters and a diverse range of musicians. The city also boasts numerous shopping plazas, art galleries, movie theaters, and other community events.


West Monroe’s diversity is also apparent in its vibrant restaurant scene, including specialty Southern cooking, traditional barbecue and fried catfish all available in fine dining to casual barbecue joints. There are many locally-owned restaurants and food trucks offering seafood, steak, Italian cuisine, pizza, burgers, Indian food and more. Additionally, many of these restaurants offer live music and entertainment. A local favorite is the Warehouse No. 1 Restaurant, which overlooks the Ouachita River and features a beautiful outdoor seating area for delicious seafood, steaks and cocktails.


Pecanland Mall, the largest shopping mall in North Louisiana, is a favorite shopping destination in West Monroe. Antique lovers won’t want to miss a trip to the Antique Alley, where countless stores of antique treasures can be found. From clothing and gifts to art, furniture and home decor, Antique Alley is a temporary home to great deals and beautiful heirlooms. Countless other boutiques, sporting stores and shops are scattered throughout West Monroe.


West Monroe can get hot and humid in the summers, with the average temperature reaching past 90 ºF. There is quite a bit of rainfall annually, with some heavy rain and thunderstorms sprinkled into the spring and summer months. Winters are not too severe – offering a rather mild climate with few days below freezing.

Arts & Culture

Northeast Louisiana has always held arts and culture in high esteem. There are numerous music venues, galleries and museums scattered throughout the city, as well as other performance hubs for dancers and actors. Events and festivals are always on the calendar as West Monroe continues to expand and grow.

Masur Museum of Art

Visit the largest visual arts museum in Northeast Louisiana: the Masur Museum of Art. With free admission, everyone is welcomed and encouraged to participate in the various activities and educational programs offered at the Masur. This museum features a diversity of art from famous artists such as Alex Katz, Salvador Dali, and others. The Masur provides fun and education, as well as an inspirational experience the entire family can appreciate.

Chennault Aviation and Military Museum

Do you love history and the United States military? Come on out to Chennault Aviation and Military Museum to get an extensive overview of the aviation and military history of Northeastern Louisiana. Featuring fascinating exhibits on military activity from World War I through Afghanistan and Iraq, Chennault provides extensive information about American military history. This museum is actually situated in one of the last standing buildings from the World War II Selman Field Army Navigation School, which adds to the uniqueness of a visit.

West Monroe Symphony Orchestra

If you appreciate the beautiful sounds of a symphony orchestra, be sure to attend a performance by West Monroe’s finest musicians. Holiday performances, classical and pop concerts, guest performances, choral works, Broadway musicals, and educational concerts make the Monroe Symphony Orchestra a cherished part of Northeast Louisiana.

Northeast Louisiana Ballet Companies

There are two ballet companies that continue to dazzle audiences in the area: the Louisiana Delta Ballet and the Twin City Ballet. These two companies provide holiday entertainment and impressive productions year-round. Young dancers who would like to learn from the very best are encouraged to get involved in these dance companies.

LA Housing

The city of West Monroe is a wonderful and exciting place to live where there is much to do in a convenient and family-friendly location. Northeastern Louisiana is considered to an affordable city, with homes in popular neighborhoods available for great prices

LA Education

Education for Children

Educational opportunities can be a major deciding factor when moving your family. West Monroe offers many excellent options for public school education.The city of West Monroe has its own department of education, the Monroe City School System, which includes 18 elementary schools, three junior high schools and three high schools. Additionally there are many acclaimed private schools in the region.


Higher education is greatly valued in West Monroe. Within 30 minutes of downtown you can find three well-known college universities, as well as one community college. The University of Louisiana at Monroe, which offers nine campuses in the state of Louisiana, Grambling State University, Louisiana Tech University and Delta Community College are all close by.

AR Travel & Highlights

Biedenharn Museum & Gardens

Joseph A Biedenharn was the first bottler of Coca-Cola. Additionally, Biedenharn and his son were among the founders of Delta Air Lines, which has strong early roots in West Monroe. Today his stately home and gardens are on display to the public at Biedenharn Museum & Garden. This fascinating place is full of exciting Coca-Cola memorabilia and lovely gardens you will want to see for yourself. You can even buy a Coca-Cola for a nickel as you walk through the gardens.

Louisiana Purchase Gardens & Zoo

The city is also home of the Louisiana Purchase Gardens and Zoo, an attraction the whole family can enjoy. Exhibits include lions, bears, zebra, elk, birds, a reptile house and insect displays.The zoo has access to more than 80 acres of land with 400+ animals on display. There is even a special exhibit celebrating species unique to the state of Louisiana.

Landry Vineyards

If you favor wine and cheese, dancing and live music then you won’t want to Landry Vineyards, a family-owned winery in West Monroe. Many visitors come and experience the tastes of Blackberry Monroe wine, Cabernet Sauvignon and more. There is always something fun happening at the vineyard with harvest festivals and tours available seasonally.

Northeast Louisiana Children's Museum

For a fun and educational day out with the kids, look no further than the Northeast Louisiana Children’s Museum. Exhibits include the Discovery Hospital, where they can get on their hands and knees and crawl through a giant heart and listen to the beat, or pretend to be a doctor and take care of a baby in the NICU. Next, head over to the cafe, where they can learn to wait on tables, as well as all the behind-the-scenes work that goes into running a restaurant business. There is much to discover in this incredibly fun, hands-on children’s museum.

Black Bayou Lake National Wildlife Refuge

Nature lovers will be impressed by Black Bayou Lake National Wildlife Refuge. By preserving the natural habitat of countless animals, such as alligators, fish, turtles, deer, raccoons, foxes and more, this refuge is on a mission to teach others to appreciate wildlife at its finest. With trails for walking and hiking, as well as canoes available for rent on beautiful Black Bayou Lake, this little spot allows for great fun in the great outdoors. A highlight is the breathtaking pier, where you will be surrounded by picturesque views of the lake.

Ouachita River Fishing

With the 600-mile Ouachita River running through the cities of Monroe and West Monroe, this town has become known as a paradise to outdoor-lovers and fisherman, especially. From fall all the way through the winter months, many fisherman will come to the river and cast their nets for a catch. Bass are plentiful here, so it’s not uncommon to see bass fishing tournaments attract people from all over the U.S.

Water Skiing & Boating

Bayou DeSiard flows along the northern border of West Monroe, drawing out many locals with their boats, water-skis, and jet-skis. The water is a nice escape from the hot, humid summertime heat, and the experience makes for a great family-friendly outing.

LA Sports


There are more than 10 award-winning golf courses within West Monroe. And, with a variety of greens, golfers of all experience levels will be challenged and delighted to play here. One of the top courses in the area is located at Black Bear Golf Club, which is just an easy 30 minutes away. This 18-hole, par-72 course has been ranked as the “Number One Public Course in Louisiana,” by Golfweek Magazine. With amenities like a clubhouse, pro shop and restaurant, as well as a beautiful hotel, this place is a dream for golfers.

Meanwhile, Forsythe Park offers excitement to golfers, as well as the whole family! With picnic areas, sand volleyball courts, softball fields, walking paths, a swimming pool, and a 9-hole municipal golf course, there are many features for everyone to enjoy.

Other courses include Chennault Park Course, an 18-hole, 208-acre golf course with a driving range, beautiful Bermuda grass and a golf pro shop. Also, check out Frenchman’s Bend Golf Course which is an 18-hole, par-72 golf with stunning views.

Building for the Future

There is a whirlwind of excitement surrounding the growth and development of West Monroe. With new developments, businesses, restaurants and residencies being constructed yearly, West Monroe continues to evolve. The city has been putting many resources toward the development of new and diverse ideas that will strengthen the local economy and enrich the city at large. With many career opportunities for residents, thriving businesses and a Fortune 500 company with headquarters in the area, West Monroe has a lot to offer.